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Marty models one of her new outfits for Todd. Tess has a vision of Niki Smith, while a worried Clint and Viki wait for news about their daughters.

Down in the secret room, Jared urges Natalie not to give up hope.

Todd tells a baffled Marty she deserves so much better than him. Gigi assures Brody she doesn't hate him.

Rex and Shane have their first father/son talk.

Cain brings in an appraiser to check the gems Tina claims are the genuine crown jewels. Niki gives Tess a piece of unsolicited advice.

Fearing they have very little time left, Natalie and Jared make love.

Though Todd warns her to walk away before it's too late, Marty insists she wants to stay because she's chosen him to be a big part of her future.

Gigi reminds Brody how he always stood up for her and her son whenever push came to shove. Fed up with all the lies, Tina admits the jewels are forgeries but demands her dog be returned anyway.

Rex asks Shane for the chance to be his dad.

Niki prods Tess to do the right thing and release her prisoners unharmed. Tina is shocked to discover that "David Vickers" is in labor.

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One Life To Live
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