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John demands to be released so he can rescue Marty Saybrooke. Across town, Todd and Marty share a passionate kiss, while Dorian bristles as Viki comes to the hospital to wish Starr well.

Tina is astonished to learn that "David Vickers" is not only female but in the process of giving birth to puppies.

"Niki Smith" convinces Tess she must return to Llanfair and disarm the explosive she planted.

Though a guilt-ridden Todd pulls back, Marty assures him she very much wants to consummate their relationship and start a new life together.

Tina sweet-talks Cain into agreeing to assist with the whelping.

Starr is cheered to see Cole just before she's wheeled into the delivery room. Collapsing in pain, Tess begs "Niki" for help.

Viki confides to Dorian how Jessica's alter has returned and put Natalie's life in jeopardy. Later, "Jean Randolph" appears and hands Viki a sage piece of advice. Tess realizes she has no choice but to let "Niki" act as midwife. John takes drastic action to escape from the lock-up.

An excited Blair and Marcie encourage Starr as her labor steadily progresses. Marty and Todd make love.

At the vineyard, Tess gives birth to a daughter. Cain and Tina grow close once again. Starr delivers a baby girl.

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One Life To Live
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