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Todd and Marty exchange declarations of love. Starr panics as Dr. Joplin mentions a problem with the baby. Caught up in the moment after "David Vickers" delivers a litter of pups, Cain and Tina make love.

Viki rushes back to Llanfair and tells an astounded Charlie why she believes Tess locked Jared and Natalie in the basement.

Meanwhile, another of Jessica's alters emerges at the vineyard after her baby girl is stillborn.

Tina finally remembers her trapped niece and hurries off.

Claiming she's sending Starr's child to the neonatal ICU, Dr. Joplin quietly advises Janet to take the baby to her office instead.

Determined to rescue Marty, John prepares to make an armed assault on Todd's residence. Jared encourages Natalie to believe they still have a chance to survive.

Todd has a change of heart and decides to head to the hospital.

Viki, Charlie and Tina go downstairs to search and quickly come face to face with a relieved Natalie and Jared.

"Bess" sets about cleaning up the mess Tess left behind. Encountering Todd outside the delivery room, Marcie shakily reveals that his newborn granddaughter is in trouble.

Though their trapped children warn them to get out before the time bomb explodes, Charlie and Viki continue to try to open the door of the secret room.

Blair assures a guilt-stricken Starr she's done nothing wrong. Marcie is surprised by Todd's expression of support.

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