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Tess tussles with Tina for control of the sledgehammer. Roxy accuses Adriana of causing Rex to lose his will to live.

After hearing Leo's strange tale, Jared hurries back to Llanfair.

A tearful Gigi appeals to Bo for help getting into the ICU to see Rex, then is appalled to hear about Brody's deteriorating mental state.

Tess warns her aunt that there'll be hell to pay if she ever again tries to free Natalie. Adriana threatens to have Gigi arrested if she comes anywhere near Rex.

Roxy phones Bo to let him know that the doctors are going to try to remove her son's ventilator. Out of Tess' earshot, Jared tells Tina why he believes that Jessica's evil alter has taken control.

Rex fails to breathe on his own and is placed back on the respirator. After coming face to face with Brody at the precinct house, Gigi realizes that her former boyfriend believes he's still in Iraq.

A frantic Roxy rails at Adriana for depriving Rex of what he needs most.

The doctor cautions Roxy, Bo and Adriana to prepare themselves for the possibility that Rex may never regain consciousness.

Cain arrives in Llanview. Jared slips down to the basement and finally locates the secret room.

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One Life To Live
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