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Roxy complains to Bo about Adriana's jealousy standing in the way of Rex's recovery. Shane tells Gigi he wants to see Brody.

Sarah has a nightmare about Cristian losing his life. Ray fumes about being forced to spend a day behind bars.

Bo asks Adriana and Roxy if Rex would want to stay connected to life support indefinitely. Gigi explains to her son why Brody has been committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Clint informs an irked Ray that their plan must change now that Dorian has failed to take the bait.

Vanessa relates for Cris how she and Lola have been constantly on the move ever since the girl's testimony sent her father to prison.

Dorian and Markko set their differences aside in order to work together for Langston's sake. Talia confides to Sarah why she feels guilty about Cristian's predicament.

Nora again quarrels with Clint about his outrageous and unethical behavior. Dorian hints to Langston that she has an ace up her sleeve where "Uncle Ray" is concerned.

During another argument with Roxy, Adriana shrilly insists that she alone is Rex's true family. Meanwhile, Gigi realizes that Shane has a legal right to visit his ailing father.

Unable to wear down Adriana's resistance, Bo threatens to pull some strings to ensure that Gigi has a chance to see Rex. Cris gets a brief call through to Sarah.

Later, Antonio traces the call and learns that his brother is still in Colombia.

Ray warns Dorian he's taking his niece home on a flight that very evening. Nora contemplates breaking things off with Clint.

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One Life To Live
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