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Vanessa, Lola and Cristian finally board a flight for Llanview. Clint assures Ray that Dorian will cave in to their demands.

Jackie orders his hit man to ensure that Ray never makes his flight.

Dismayed to see Clint and Nora embracing, Dallas decides to try to shake her rival's sense of security.

Vanessa tells Cris how she first fell in love with Ray and how she immediately felt a maternal bond with his sweet young daughter.

Starr tearfully shares a few last moments with an anguished Langston.

Antonio, Talia and Sarah agree to fly to Colombia to search for Cristian. Addie explains to John her sister asked her to contact Jackie McNaughton.

A delighted Sarah flies into Cris' arms after bumping into him at the airport. Nora thanks Renee for finding Dallas a room at the Palace.

As Dorian faces off with Clint, Starr is outraged to learn how her friend became a bargaining chip for control of Buchanan Enterprises.

Langston, however, commends Dorian for standing up to Clint's sleazy blackmail attempt. Disguised as an airline pilot, Jackie's hired gun prepares to make a second attempt on Ray's life.

Dorian is taken aback by another encounter with an angelic Mel, who advises her to reconsider the path she's chosen. Lola and Vanessa are shocked to come face to face with Ray.

Later, chaos ensues as John and the would-be assassin exchange gunfire in the crowded terminal.

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One Life To Live
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