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Tess appears on Todd's doorstep with Bree. Langston is taken aback when Lola expresses a hope that her father won't survive.

Adriana waits hopefully for some sign that Rex is improving.

Marcie brings Gigi a nurse's uniform and convinces her to try sneaking into Dorian's house to see Rex. Appalled to learn that her pup has been kidnapped, Tina vows to make Cain pay for his foul deed.

Roxy complains to Charlie about being shut out of the loop by her spiteful daughter-in-law. Bo tells Viki he firmly believes Tess is responsible for Jared and Natalie's disappearance.

Cain gives Tina 24 hours to either cough up the jewels or face the loss of her beloved pooch. Marty happily tells an intrigued Tess about the baby she and Todd will soon be raising together.

Adriana explains to Starr why she's caring for her ailing husband in La Boulet's living room. Lola bitterly informs Langston and Markko that Ray murdered her mother.

Starr lets it slip to Cole how she's been reading aloud to the baby.

Cris persuades Bo to allow him to take charge of Lola instead of turning her over to Child Services. Roxy thanks Charlie for letting her cry on his shoulder.

Tina plays dumb when Viki wonders if she's noticed any signs that Tess may have taken control of Jessica. Cole tells Starr how his mom used to read Lewis Carroll's stories to him years ago.

Across town, Marty enjoys spending time with Bree and has a sudden flash of recall about another baby.

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