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Marcie keeps Adriana busy while Gigi sneaks around the back of the house. Bo fills John in on his suspicions about Tess.

Inside the secret room, Jared works to calm an agitated Natalie.

Tina appeals to her brother for help cracking Llanfair's wall safe.

Charlie bumps into Viki, who explains why she thinks Jared may have disappeared along with Natalie.

Marty confides to Tess how she's recalled reciting a certain poem to another baby, then wonders aloud if she was close to a little boy at one time.

Todd gives a sputtering Tina the bum's rush. Shaun catches Gigi entering La Boulet but she manages to convince him she's a private duty nurse assigned to care for Rex.

Bo reminds John why he can't keep harassing Todd. Viki tells Charlie about his son's tangled history with Jessica's alter ego.

Jared succeeds in comforting Natalie by envisioning a romantic, peaceful place where they can take refuge from the real world for a while.

Unnerved by Marty's memory of loving a baby boy, Todd hastens to distract her with talk of the child they'll soon be raising together.

Tina considers drastic action to rescue her little dog.

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