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Tess warns Todd she'll out his plans to steal Starr's baby. Wes pays a visit to Brody in the psych ward of the VA hospital.

Adriana spots a nurse entering La Boulet and demands to see some ID. Grimly determined to save "David Vickers," Tina decides to blow off the door of the wall safe using two sticks of dynamite.

Dr. Joplin tries once more to dissuade Todd but he orders her to follow through with their plan. A horrified Brody realizes he shot Rex while in the throes of a combat flashback.

Matthew describes for Shane how he felt when he found out that Sam wasn't his real dad. Michael pretends to recognize "Nurse Nancy" in order to get a grateful Gigi past Adriana's interrogation.

Tess secretly listens in as Todd instructs an unhappy Janet to help Dr. Joplin when Starr goes into labor.

Michael admits to Gigi that Rex will need a miracle if he's to survive.

Later, sitting beside Rex's bed, Gigi tearfully begs the man she loves to come back to her. Tess hits upon the idea of stealing the Mendorran crown jewels to bankroll her future.

Wes cautions Brody that Rex isn't expected to pull through. Shane listens closely as Matthew relates how he came to love and admire Bo once he accepted the truth. Gigi is thrilled when Rex finally opens his eyes.

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One Life To Live
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