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Roxy, Viki and Charlie  commiserate about their children. Gigi sees Rex's eyes open at long, long last as Marty enjoys spending time with Bree.

Cole confides to John how he plans to commemorate the first anniversary of his mother's death. Michael invents a hasty excuse to keep Adriana away from Rex and Gigi.

Tess prevents Tina from setting off the sticks of dynamite at Llanfair. Rex tells a beaming Gigi she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

Viki explains to Roxy why she's so worried about both of her daughters. Tina appeals to her niece for help saving the furry David Vickers but Tess reveals that she has other plans for the Mendorran crown jewels.

Gigi relates for Rex how he saved her and Shane during Brody's dangerous meltdown on Llantano Mountain. Blair cautions Starr against hoping that her dad will make a change for the better.

Adriana secretly listens to her husband and Gigi declaring their love for one another. Tess mocks a fuming Tina before taking off with the gems.

Cole asks John to contribute a few lines on the memorial site for Marty. Gigi and Rex are stunned when Adriana sadly admits she was wrong to keep them apart.

Blair reminds a grateful Starr how she'll always be there for her. Tess contemplates putting an end to her prisoners with the dynamite she confiscated from Tina.

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One Life To Live
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