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Dorian and Vanessa occupy cells at the precinct house. Clint admits to Nora how she was right about everything all along, as Langston reminds Markko they're not out of the woods yet.

Bo and Gigi enjoy visiting with Rex as he continues to recuperate.

Cris tries to reassure a panicked Lola when she frets about Vanessa being arraigned. Dorian has another close encounter with the angelic Mel.

Nora offers to drop all the charges against Dorian provided she returns Buchanan Enterprises to Clint. Rex thanks Adriana for taking care of him, then is surprised when she asks him for a divorce.

Cristian pretends to be drunk and disorderly to get himself arrested and in closer proximity to Vanessa. Clint apologizes to Langston.

Bo agrees to give a grateful Rex some pointers on being a dad.

Vanessa tells Cris why she believes Lola will be in grave danger if Ray does manage to pull through. Mel convinces Dorian to accept the district attorney's deal.

Ray regains consciousness and claims he was set up by Vanessa. Adriana and Rex part as friends. Langston is relieved to see Dorian return home.

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One Life To Live
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