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Fish tells John he's managed to retrieve his laptop but the hard drive was destroyed. Janet feels torn as Marty talks of remembering a little boy.

Starr is thrilled to learn that Langston won't have to move to Colombia after all. Viki asks Todd if he has any news of Jessica.

Nora and Cole reminisce about Marty as the first anniversary of her "death" approaches. In Llanfair's basement, Tess enjoys taunting Jared and Natalie one last time.

Marty confides to Janet how happy she feels whenever she contemplates a future with Todd and the baby they'll raise together.

Fish convinces John to let him assist on the case of the mystery woman. Though Todd denies any knowledge of Jessica's whereabouts, Viki suspects her brother is concealing the truth.

Langston assures Starr she'll be there to support her best friend when the baby comes. Frustrated and fed up, Natalie screeches at an amused Tess through the glass wall of the secret room.

Unwilling to disrupt Marty's rebuilt life, Janet deletes the voice mail message from John.

Starr admits to Langston how much she wishes her dad could turn his life around. A frantic Viki presses Todd for answers but he continues to stonewall.

Later, Viki hears Bree crying on the baby monitor.

Displaying the dynamite she's fashioned into a time bomb, Tess gleefully advises Jared and Natalie to say their prayers.

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One Life To Live
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