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John tells Antonio and Sarah that Ray Montez is the key to finding Cris. Adriana declares her love to Rex.

Nora returns to Llanview and is royally ticked to discover that Dallas is now living under roof at Clint's invitation.

Todd finds Marty staring at a newspaper photo of her rapists and realizes that the plastic surgery he endured has protected him from being recognized.

Langston, Starr, Markko and Cole fill Dorian in on Clint's connection to Ray. Adriana orders a distraught Gigi to stay away from her husband.

Vanessa explains to a skeptical Cristian why Ray is determined to kill her. Dorian apologizes to Judge Jenkins for her earlier outburst and is released from custody.

Though Bo attempts to intercede on Gigi's behalf, Adriana coldly insists that the woman must have no further contact with Rex.

Nora berates Clint for toying with the life of an innocent girl in his quest to destroy Dorian. Reminding Cris how much he owes her, Vanessa asks him to take her to the States.

Todd thinks fast to prevent Marty from reading the names of her attackers. Gigi and Adriana angrily face off in the waiting room.

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One Life To Live
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