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Vanessa explains to Cris why she needs his assistance. Antonio, Sarah and Talia learn that Ray Montez is embroiled in a custody case with Dorian.

Todd convinces Marty to stop researching the past and instead look forward to a future they can share together.

Dorian furiously confronts Clint in front of a sheepish Nora.

Cole fills John in on the latest developments at La Boulet. At Pine Valley High, Langston tries to make it clear to her uncle that she has a wonderful life and loving friends.

Clint reminds his uninvited guest why she so richly deserves payback for the underhanded way she stole BE. Vanessa again presses Cristian to take her and Lola to the U.S. for safekeeping.

Marty assures Todd she's decided to focus solely on helping him raise his grandchild. Cole confides to John how much he's been thinking about his mom lately.

Clint informs Dorian that Langston will be perfectly safe once she signs Buchanan Enterprises over to him. Todd offers to take a delighted Marty out for a drive in the country.

Nora is appalled to hear about Ray's murder conviction in Colombia. Dorian counters Clint's ploy with one of her own. John continues to secretly investigate the possibility that Marty might somehow be alive.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

One Life To Live
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