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Nora brings Ray in for questioning about Cristian. Jackie arrives at La Boulet for a chat with Dorian. Cris, Vanessa and Lola's departure from Colombia is delayed by a tropical storm.

Todd and Marty enjoy a picnic in the countryside.

John explains to Michael why he believes the "mysterious" woman Ramsey was hiding is actually no stranger at all. Clint fills Dallas in on the details of his scheme to force Dorian's hand.

Marty and Todd discuss where to raise Starr's child once they leave Llanview behind. Waving a wad of cash, Dorian asks Jackie to permanently remove Ray from Langston's life.

Addie encourages Blair to step up her relationship with John.

At the precinct house, Ray tells Nora and Antonio he's never even heard of Cristian Vega. Starr, Cole and Markko continue to rally around Langston as she frets about being taking away from everyone she loves.

Clint rails at Nora for hauling Ray in but she warns him not to interfere. Though Michael expresses skepticism about his brother's theory, John remains convinced that Marty could have survived the crash.

Addie reminds Blair how short life is and why they have to embrace every opportunity for love. Cris assures Lola and Vanessa they should be safe from Ray once they reach Llanview.

Jackie cautions Dorian to remember that there's no turning back once he accepts a job. Later, Dorian stuns Clint by rejecting his offer.

Marty wonders why Todd is still wearing his wedding ring.

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