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Marty questions Todd's reasons for proposing. John and Blair spend the afternoon in the sack.

Beside Rex in the ICU, Roxy promises her son she's doing everything she can to bring him back.

Out in the waiting room, Marcie again tries to convince Adriana to change her mind but Rex's estranged wife insists she doesn't care how much Gigi is hurting.

Jared pretends to fall for Tess' latest ruse.

Meanwhile, a relieved Natalie assumes that her aunt has come to the basement to rescue her but Tina regretfully reveals that she can't risk overruling Tess.

Gigi bumps into Charlie behind Rodi's and is grateful for his comforting words of encouragement.

Though Todd explains why he wants to tie the knot, Marty wonders if he's just trying to get back at his ex the best way he knows how.

Adriana faces off with her mother-in-law.

Jared meets Leo, who confides how "Jessica" hired him to build a specially equipped room below Llanfair. Natalie angrily reminds Tina how she'll have to live with her guilty conscience if Tess turns lethal.

Blair assures John she understands how important his work is to him. Marty and Todd continue to grow closer.

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One Life To Live
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