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One Life to Live
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's One Life to Live:

Claiming that she wants her twin sister near her, "Jessica" coaxes Natalie to come back to Llanfair. David informs a startled Viki that he and Addie have tied the knot.

Charlie corners Dorian in her bedroom at La Boulet and demands to know what part she played in him winding up with alcohol poisoning. Cole sheepishly admits to John how he blabbed Starr's secret to her father.

Meanwhile, Todd confronts Starr and Blair out by the pool and berates his daughter for lying to him. Gigi tries to avoid discussing with Rex how she interrupted his wedding.

Marcie nervously broaches a sensitive subject with Michael. When Natalie balks at leaving Jared, "Jessica" insists that they both move in with her and Viki.

Though Dorian feigns ignorance about the night he fell off the wagon, Charlie recalls their conversation in the ER just before he "blacked out."

Rex admits to Gigi that he's had feelings for her for quite some time. Marcie reminds her husband why adopting Starr's baby is their only chance to have a child.

Viki tells a sympathetic David that she and Charlie are finished. Starr is taken aback when Todd reveals just how he learned she was planning to give her baby to the McBains.

Tess secretly gloats when Natalie and Jared agree to go live at Llanfair. Rex and Gigi share a kiss.

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