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Starr tells Langston how happy she is that her best friend is about to be her cousin.

Blair cautions her aunt to remember that the adoption isn't legal yet.

Inside the Colombian prison, Cris attempts to convince his guards that he's an American citizen who has been falsely incarcerated.

Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Clint meets Ray Montez, who eyes his new benefactor with open suspicion.

Marcie is touched when Starr assures her she's part of the family now.

Though a guilt-ridden Dr. Joplin insists she can't help him steal his grandchild, Todd repeats his ominous blackmail threat.

Markko presents Dorian with a framed photo of herself with her new daughter.

Tess forces a seething Natalie to write Jared a "Dear John" letter.

Tina squirms when Sarah wonders about "Jessica's" odd behavior. Dorian privately issues a warning to Markko.

Jared reminds Clint how they sprung a murderer serving a life sentence.

Jack asks Starr if he's going to be an uncle even though she isn't keeping her baby. As Langston's party gets underway at La Boulet, Clint instructs Ray to stick to the script.

Todd orders his daughter's doctor to fake the death of Starr's baby.

Watching through the closed circuit TV, Natalie's heart breaks when Jared reads her note.

Starr allows a delighted Marcie to feel her unborn child kicking.

As Dorian raises a toast to welcome Langston into the Cramer clan, Ray arrives and announces that he is the girl's uncle.

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