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Marty tells Todd she's puzzled by dreams in which she's not afraid of John McBain. Gigi and Rex bask in the afterglow of making love.

Loading his gun, Brody vows that no one will take Shane away from him.

Jared takes "David Vickers" into Llanfair's basement and watches the dog whining and scratching at one of the cellar walls.

Declaring their love to one another, Rex and Gigi look forward to raising their son together at long last. Tina stands up to Tess, who icily reminds her aunt how much she's risking by getting in the way.

Todd informs a confused Marty that she's not his prisoner and can leave any time she likes. Tess manages to lure Jared away from the basement before he discovers the secret room.

Brody dons his dress uniform and heads to Shane's school. Tess threatens to kill Tina's dog unless she continues to keep mum.

Marty assures Todd she doesn't want or need anyone but him.

Gigi is ecstatic to think that her family's future will finally be bright. Brody convinces Shane's teacher to release the boy to him.

Stunned to realize that Tina helped Tess lock her in the basement, Natalie guesses that her aunt is being blackmailed.

Todd and Marty share a passionate kiss.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

One Life To Live
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