Ray arrives at the courthouse and confirms for Langston that he filed the injunction to take custody of her.

A security guard orders Brody to go through the metal detector he avoided.

Blair is outraged when the high school principal suggests that Starr be tutored at home until after the baby is born.

Though Dorian shows the judge proof that Langston's uncle served time in Colombia for murder, Ray counters by producing documents stating he was falsely imprisoned.

Rex calls the police to report a kidnapping. Meanwhile, Brody worms his way out of trouble and leaves the courthouse with Shane in tow.

Clint bumps into Dallas at the Palace and joins her for a drink.

Ray explains to the judge why he alone can offer his niece a true connection to her late parents. Cole admits to Markko how difficult it will be for him to cope if Marcie adopts his baby and then returns to their school to teach.

An impassioned Dorian tells her side of the story in court.

Out of Gigi's earshot, Bo cautions Rex that Brody may be more dangerous than they suspected. Blissfully unaware of his predicament, Shane is thrilled when his "dad" brings him to Llantano Mountain to teach him how to survive in the wild.

Cole and Markko leap to Starr's defense in front of the principal. Charlie urges Michael not to give up on his marriage.

Brody pretends to leave Gigi a phone message to assuage Shane's concern about his mom missing him. Blair plays hardball to ensure that her daughter is allowed to remain in school.

After Dallas learns that she's being evicted from her hotel room, Clint invites her to stay with him and Nora.

Langston is devastated when the judge rules that she be placed with her uncle.

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