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Langston's friends rally as Dorian is hauled off to jail. Wes tells Bo, Rex and Gigi how Brody killed a boy in Iraq.

Brody begins flashing back to his time in the war zone.

Ray reminds an agitated Langston why she belongs with him in their native Colombia. Dallas moves into the mansion at Clint's invitation.

Oblivious to his "father's" fragile state of mind, Shane urges Brody to let him practice firing the gun. John runs into a dead end at the prison in Bogota.

Janet sadly confides to Todd how she became estranged from her own daughter.

Rex and Gigi follow Bo and his men up to the mountain after receiving a tip.

Markko and Cole discuss how to prevent Ray from taking Langston.

Holding Shane in front of him as a human shield, Brody waves his gun menacingly as Bo and the other cops surround him.

Starr and Cole agree that they'll always be friends. Brody releases Shane but the boy begs Bo not to shoot his dad.

Cole overhears Clint commending Ray on a job well done.

Lost in another flashback, Brody grows more irrational.

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One Life To Live
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