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Dorian demands to be released from her cell. Brody fires into the darkness as Bo and the others dive for cover.

At La Boulet, a tearful Langston fears she'll never see her friends again once she's forced to move to Colombia.

Meanwhile, Cole is taken aback to find Clint and Ray with their heads together.

Addie comes to the jail to give her grateful sister some moral support.

Michael drops by to check on Marcie's head wound.

As Bo finally takes Brody into custody, Gigi is horrified to discover Rex lying in a pool of his own blood.

Markko and Starr try to keep Langston's hopes from flagging.

Addie offers to help Dorian stop Ray from taking her foster daughter away.

While Bo and Gigi struggle to prevent Rex from bleeding out, Shane shouts at the cops handcuffing Brody not to hurt his dad.

Clint reminds Cole why Dorian deserves to suffer for the way she stole BE out from under the Buchanan clan. In the ER, Michael works to stabilize his patient but warns Bo that Rex is in critical condition.

Shane bitterly accuses a distraught Gigi of not caring about his father. Though Clint swears he's done nothing to hurt Langston, Cole decides to relay his suspicions to his pals.

Marcie assembles a crib and daydreams about bringing Starr's baby home. Gigi begs Rex to fight for his life.

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One Life To Live
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