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Cole explains to Langston, Starr and Markko how Clint brought Ray to exact revenge on Dorian. Dorian asks Jackie McNaughton for some help.

Bo assures a fretful Gigi he'll find her son. Shane sneaks over to see his "dad." Describing how low Clint stooped in his quest to reclaim Buchanan Enterprises, Cole suggests that Ray might not even be Langston's uncle.

Natalie watches via closed circuit TV as "Jessica" works at undermining Jared's love for her sister. Shane is dismayed to discover Brody cringing in a corner of his cell, tearfully apologizing for shooting a boy.

Dorian tells Jackie she wants Ray Montez to disappear. Jared warns "Jessica" to stop trash talking Natalie behind her back.

Starr thanks Cole for trying so hard to help her best friend. Horrified to hear about Rex being shot, Natalie begs Tess to let her go to the hospital.

Bo takes Shane back to his mom, who steels herself to come clean about the boy's paternity at long last. Jackie advises Dorian to think twice before choosing such a drastic solution to her dilemma.

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