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Antonio, Talia and Sarah return to Llanview along with Rex and Gigi.

Natalie recognizes the stolen Mendorran crown jewels, "Jessica" moves fast to prevent her from calling the police.

Layla pulls Michael out onto the dance floor at Capricorn just as Marcie enters the club.

Todd is pleased when Marty assures him she'd be honored to help him raise his grandchild.

Dallas finds Clint drowning his sorrows at the bar and offers him a sympathetic shoulder.

Shane happily welcomes his mother home while Brody glares at Rex.

Layla apologizes to Michael for inadvertently causing more friction between him and his estranged wife.

Talia thanks her boyfriend and her roommate for risking their lives to rescue her.

Todd encourages Marty to leave her bed and try walking again for the first time in months.

Shane blurts out to a startled Rex and Gigi that a DNA test has proven his connection to Brody.

Tess secretly doses Natalie's cup of tea with knock-out drops.

Blair confides to Marcie how she and John have become an item.

Antonio and Talia enjoy their first night together in weeks.

Out of Shane's earshot, Brody defends his decision to fake the DNA results and angrily accuses Rex of running out on Gigi years ago.

Clinging to Todd, an excited Marty manages to take a few small steps across the room. Marcie and Michael rehash their quarrel about her plan to adopt Starr's baby.

Clint begins to wonder if he's gone too far in his quest to reclaim BE.

Brody goads Rex into throwing a punch in front of a horrified Shane. Todd and Marty share a kiss.

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One Life To Live
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