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John and Blair spend the night together.

Marty tells Todd she dreamt about him and their plans for the future.

As Bo returns to his post, Talia and Antonio explain to the commissioner how they spent their time away from the force.

At Llanfair, Tess gleefully informs Tina that she changed the combination to the wall safe.

Natalie wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and is alarmed to find herself locked in.

Todd assures Marty his daughter is fine with them taking her baby so far from home.

Fish reports to John that the video enhancement program should be complete.

Tess reminds her aunt why Natalie deserves to pay for her role in Nash's death.

Todd encourages a beaming Marty to start playing the piano again. Sarah seeks help from Bo, Antonio and Talia after learning that Cris never returned to Llanview.

John discovers the mayor at his desk, gathering up Fish's computer along with all the evidence from the Ramsey investigation.

Tess prevents Tina from phoning the police by threatening to rat her out for her own crimes.

Jared begins to wonder why Natalie's cell phone keeps going straight to voice mail.

Marty gives Todd his first music lesson and they enjoy playing a simple duet.

Natalie shudders to realize that Tess is the one holding her prisoner.

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