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Bo tells Nora he almost stopped the wedding. Tea tells the judge she'll put Matthew on the stand instead of making an opening statement.

Kimmy orders Stacy to don her sexiest outfit and go get herself "knocked up." The two put together a list of guys who may be willing to make a donation for her "cause."

Having trouble recalling one man's name, Stacy remembers "tuna" or "salmon" who was really into her when she first came to town.

They add Schuyler and Kyle to the list. Rex won't give her any satisfaction when he finds Roxy at Rodi's, hoping he'll forgive her for what she did.

She's stunned and relieved when Rex announces that he won't ask her about the blood donor anymore because he knows she'll just lie to him.

Gigi confides to Schuyler that she told Rex about the kiss.

Admitting that he was fooling himself, Schuyler tells Gigi that they can't be friends anymore. Rex is furious when he spots them embracing.

Jack warns Todd that his plan to move back home won't work.

Cristian confides in Blair about Fish being gay and also being involved with Layla. Fish tries to convince Kyle that their experimenting in college has ended and boasts that he and Layla had sex and are now a couple.

Kyle tells Cristina that he was wrong about Fish being gay. Finding Blair's file on Tea's passport records, Todd asks what she's up to.

Greg apologizes to Rachel for upsetting her last night but she denies that she was bothered by anything he said and insists she had a great time with Shaun.

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