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Schuyler is shocked as Rex confronts him at rehab and apologizes. As the French doors fly open, Jessica looks skyward as Delphina claims someone is there.

Delphina invites Jessica to ask him a question so she asks if he was in the woods on the day of the wedding.

Though Delphina reports no answer, she does respond that Nash is afraid for her because there is danger ahead for her and the people who love her.

Brody advises Jared and Natalie that Nash seems to be back since he and Jessica both think that someone is stalking Jessica.

He explains that even Bree saw someone.

At Rodi's, Cristian and Layla realize someone sent them text messages to meet there at 8. As they argue about who is responsible, Nick and Kyle arrive. Kyle ends up talking about Fish and is startled when Nick reports that the guy who insists he's not gay warned him to stay away from him. Calling her a sex machine, Kim sends Stacy into Fish's apartment.

Stacy suggests they spend a half hour together and ignores him when he tries to get her to leave.

Cristian and Layla return and after Kim fails to stop them from entering, they spot Stacy kissing Fish who talks his way out of the mess.

Bo and Nora return home after day one of the trial and find Clint pointing a shotgun at David, ordering him to take his reality TV crew and get out.

As Ford orders Markko to keep filming, he tells the camera who the new arrivals are.

David ducks behind Matthew when Clint threatens to shoot and later admits that he's been footing Matthew's legal bills.

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