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Kim reintroduces herself to Schuyler outside his office. Gigi and Rex worry when Stacy admits that she hasn't seen a doctor yet about her pregnancy.

When she points out she doesn't have insurance, Rex reluctantly agrees to see if his insurance will cover it, offering to pay for her doctor himself if it doesn't.

Tea fears the worst when she finds Todd with Elijah.

Relieved he hasn't revealed her secret, Tea does lash out at Todd for hiring her opposing counsel. Later, Tea figures out that Elijah's client is Ross Rayburn, the man stranded with her on the island.

Elijah promises to end the threats if she'll agree to what Ross wants.

John explains to Marty that his deal with Bo is that no one, not even Mayor Lowell can know about Cole working undercover.

When the mayor tries to get her endorsement for his re-election, Viki lets him know that she doesn't and resents what he did to John.

During his press conference, the mayor stares at John in the audience and vows to get rid of all the drug dealers that the police have failed to oust.

Afterwards, Fish warns John that Keeton was asking him about the task force. The mayor pushes Keeton to find out more for him.

Todd arrives for his court- ordered therapy session and finds that Marty is his "shrink." Marty insists on doing the session anyway so that she can finally get him out of her mind and her life.

Hearing her calling out Todd's name as she lies by the pool, Dorian accuses Blair of dreaming about Todd. She denies it and defends hiring Rex to find out Tea's secret. Rex calls Blair and boasts that he found Ross Rayburn.

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