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John tells Fish and Keaton about a drug shipment coming in tonight. After Keaton runs off, Fish boasts about the bug and GPS he planted on the guy.

Dorian presses Blair to forget about chasing after Ross just to keep Todd from being with Tea but she insists on going. Caught with her suitcase packed, Tea lies to Todd that she's going to Tennessee on business.

Todd fears that she is leaving him and confesses that he has done some terrible things. Insisting he's trying to be totally honest, Todd tells Tea that he loves her.

Overwhelmed by his feelings for her, Tea heads upstairs to bed with him. Gigi blasts Rex for telling Schuyler to get out of town.

He explains that it wasn't an order but simply a suggestion but she points out they had a deal not to do anything like this. The argument gets louder and louder until she hops into his arms and kisses him.

The two then have sex on the living room floor. As Schuyler notices he's feeling dizzy, Stacy claims that she now realizes that she only wants him, not Rex.

Before she can get much further with him, Schuyler passes out. Stacy starts to remove his clothes. He wakes to find he's naked in bed with Stacy who is kissing him. Schuyler quickly hopes out of bed.

Working out at the gym, Layla chats with Nick who admits that he has a tendency to pick Mr. Wrong.

She laughs that she does the same thing but when he talks about a man he knows whose ex is now dating a woman, Layla hears the name Kyle and realizes he's talking about Fish.

She finds Cristian and confides that Fish may be gay.

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