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Charlie urges Viki to run for mayor. Gigi gives Stacy a hard time when she appears at their door. Rex lets her inside and they meet her friend Kim.

Shayne arrives. He too lashes out at Stacy, calling her a liar and stating that he wishes her baby was dead.

Though Stacy wants to tell them about the miscarriage, Kim tires of the way they are treating her friend and stops her from confessing.

Markko listens to Langston offering Ford tips on how to develop a love interest for the reality show.

When Ford asks if she might be his love interest, Markko interrupts and talks about taping Greg and Rachel having a hot dance contest on the Z-box.

After Ford runs out to find David and the camera, Markko questions his girlfriend about what she was doing with Ford.

She teases him until they decide to have sex.

When Layla presses Fish for the truth about his relationship with Kyle, he blurts out that he did sleep with his frat buddy.

He insists it meant nothing and tries to lie about Kyle kissing him. Crying, Layla asks him to get out. Telling her he loves her, Fish assures her he never meant to hurt her.

Dorian welcomes Mayor Lowell to his mansion where she introduces Stan to Starr. When she offers to support him to the hospital board and requests his help being hired as Chief of Staff, he refuses.

She decides to pull her support so he invites her to be his campaign's Chief of Staff, promising her real power helping him run the city.

John confides to Cole that Mayor Lowell is behind the drug problem in town and promises to protect Starr and Hope.

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