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Hung over Fish wakes and finds Kim and Stacy with him. She claims he was "helpful" to her last night. Fish remembers Kyle lashing out as Stacy watched.

Fish leaked that he and Layla were no longer together but denied that he "came out" to her. Kyle invited Fish to go somewhere to discuss this but when Fish refused, Stacy quickly set her claws into him.

Stacy confirms they had sex last night and tries to get him back into bed. Instead, he leaves. Blair calls Dorian from Tahiti and admits that she is outside Ross Rayburn's door.

When no one answers the door, Blair decides to break in but is caught as she gets the door open. Ross denies being with Tea but eventually confesses he's married to her.

Elijah calls Todd who is in bed with Tea and boasts that the judge overturned the other judge's ruling which means he no longer has to live with Blair.

Tea takes the phone and advises Elijah that she's willing to make a deal and orders him to make the offer to Ross. Later, Todd asks Tea to marry him.

Layla lashes out to Cristian about the way Fish treated her. Viki advises her family that she is thinking of running for mayor.

When she warns they'll be subjected to the pressures of the media, Jessica admits that someone is trying to make them think that Nash is still alive.

Viki decides not to run but her family convinces her to go ahead with her campaign. Starr is outraged to find a front page photo of the mayor holding Hope with her.

Dorian defends the photo op but Starr insists that she would never vote for the jerk. Charlie reads the accompanying article and warns Viki that Dorian is Lowell's new campaign manager.

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