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Stopping by her mother's grave, Schuyler admits he knows she was trying to protect him. Finding Todd with a knife beside Lee's body, Tea asks her client what he did.

Todd denies killing her and points out all of the other people who had a reason. He suggests Tea had her reasons too which makes her laugh until she denies killing her.

Realizing this looks terrible for her client, Tea wants to call the police but Todd insists they dump the body where no one will ever find it.

Instead, she calls Antonio and when he and Talia arrive, they find her covered in blood, holding the weapon.

She mumbles that she killed Lee. Markko finds Cole drinking outside and gets his friend to admit that Starr's upset with him because he's been taking pain pills.

He quickly guesses that's why he's been hanging out with Asher.

Cole confides that a couple of weeks ago, he considered getting a gun to end Todd's life since he thought he would get away again.

Starr tries to convince Langston that protecting her father was the right thing to do. Outraged to hear she lied on the stand, Langston guesses that Todd faked the suicide attempt to stay out of prison.

Starr remains convinced her father might try again.

She calls Schuyler to thank him for coming to the trial today and later, he burns the letter his mother wrote to him in which she admitted her arrangement with Todd.

Finding her drinking in their motel room, Wes tells Marty the story about Lee and how his father walked out on his mother and the family because of her.

He admits that he has always hoped that he would get the chance to pay her back one day. Both guess that Todd is never going to pay for what he's done. Wes then leans in for a kiss.

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