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Rex and Gigi come home to find Shane and Stacy in a water gun fight. Stacy reminds Gigi of the huge lie she told him and Rex.

When Gigi is called in to work, Stacy quickly volunteers to go to a hockey game with the boys. At the station house, John asks Blair if it's true that she slept with Todd last night.

As Marty stares in disbelief, Tea makes sure everyone hears that Todd is no longer a suspect. Blair explains that she had too much to drink and passed out so they didn't have sex.

Antonio guesses that because she was out cold, she can't confirm that Todd was there when Wes was stabbed.

But when Marty lets slip that she has no memory of what happened last night, Tea is outraged and takes her client out. Wanting to talk with him further, Blair fumes to see him focused on Marty.

Later, after the lab confirms her prints were found on the murder weapon, Antonio arrests Marty.

In front of Cristian, Lola accuses Vanessa of tricking her and leading her to find the knife that sent her father to prison.

Lola then suggests that Vanessa might have killed her mother and walks out. Vanessa worries that Tea might be putting these ideas into Lola's mind but Cristian can't believe her own lawyer would do such a thing.

Worried he doesn't believe her, Vanessa starts crying so Cristian assures her that he does. The two then fall into bed.

Meanwhile, back at his place, Todd points out that Tea missed a call from Ray. She explains he's upset she's spending so much time on Todd's case and not his.

Lola opens up to Markko and Langston about her frustration. Having escaped from prison, Ray returns to Llanview and, after knocking out Cristian, heads to Vanessa's room armed with a chef's knife.

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