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David welcomes Addie to their new digs. She hits him in the face with a pie and warns that he's lost his way.

Dorian insists that their future is bright but Addie reminds them both what happened the last time she tried to take the Buchanan fortune.

Addie decides that she will not move in with them and doubts that anyone else will. Lola leaks to Langston and Markko that Tea's admitted she's been working for her father all along.

Tea interrupts and leaks that she just found out Ray escaped from prison but doubts that he would come to Llanview. Vanessa panics when Ray approaches her, armed with a huge chef's knife.

As he threatens her, Cristian wakes and comes back upstairs where he starts battling him. Tea and Lola arrive as Ray is about to strike at an unarmed Cristian.

Ray forces Tea to admit that she's been working for him and Tea, in turn, tells Cristian that Vanessa married Ray, took his money and then framed him for murder.

Outraged, Cristian grabs Vanessa who cries that it's true.

Bo catches Natalie and Jared arguing in the hospital garage but they cover and claim they're there to get blood tests for their upcoming wedding.

The two then get the help from the garage attendant who prints out information from the ticket she found.

Natalie wonders to Jared why Tess would give birth at the vineyard, go to the hospital for ten minutes and then leave again.

Meanwhile, using the hair he took from David's head, Bo gets his own information at the hospital and rushes to give Clint, Nora and Nigel the good news.

The four return to face David and Dorian and Clint reveals that David is not Asa's son. Langston finds Markko's letter from UCLA.

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One Life To Live
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