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David asks for "old school Viki" advice about Dorian. He insists that he is truly trying to change and has actually found peace.

Hearing that Dorian is giving up all of her earthly possessions to be with him, Viki starts laughing hysterically and advises him that if he trusts her and marries Dorian, he would be "the biggest idiot who ever walked on this earth."

When he realizes this sad truth but admits he may love Dorian, she urges him to follow his heart.

Dorian is upset to find Moe dressed in a morning coat, drinking mimosas with a newly bejeweled Noelle as their new butler Sven serves them some Danish.

Moe announces that he wants Dorian and her family to move out which upsets Noelle. Asking her to sign a legal document that changes the name of her estate to la Maison de Stubbs, Dorian calls Moe a hillbilly.

But when David arrives, she quickly signs the papers. David then accepts her marriage proposal. Describing her recent change, Rex warns Clint and Nigel that Dorian is trying to trick David into marrying her.

Clint considers telling David the truth. Rex discovers from a pantomiming Sven that Dorian and David are heading to Las Vegas.

Back at Rodi's, Wes watches as John tells Marty that Lee was killed last night. John asks his buddy Fish to investigate Wes.

Blair shows Starr the article about Lee and points out that all of the witnesses against her father are dead or not talking.

When Starr shows surprise, Cole reminds her that this is what she wanted. Advising him that she hasn't been charged yet, Tea returns to Todd's place and finds him staring at the rug where Lee was lying dead.

Back in court Tea convinces the judge to dismiss all charges against her client. Nora surprises everyone when she orders Starr arrested for perjury.

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One Life To Live
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