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Natalie and Jared are amazed when David thanks them for allowing him to say a prayer over their baby. Called by Dorian for her special help, Madame Delphina assures her that Viki has too much on her plate.

As Dorian is about to explain her needs, Delphina reveals that she already knows about her quest for David who is Asa's secret son.

But when she adds that David is here and not here, the "seer" finally explains that spiritually, he's on another plane but that physically, he is in town.

Dorian admits that she intends to find David, take him to bed and marry him before Beaver Calhoun can find him.

She's stunned to find David at her place in his new orange robes.

She laughs hysterically to hear about his new life but he advises her it's better to live without material possessions.

Tempting him, Dorian offers champagne, caviar and then sex. Starr is taken aback when Schuyler blurts out that his mother killed herself before he could ask for her forgiveness.

He hints that if Dr. Joplin had not been so worried about him, Starr's baby might be alive. Cole confides to Nora that Marty told him she can't live with him because he makes her life harder than it already is.

After Nora tells him about the joint she found in Matthew's backpack, Cole angrily confronts Asher about selling it to him.

Asher denies it and hints that it might have come from someone in "Mr. J's room. Cole's outraged when he catches Starr embracing Schuyler.

Marty advises Wes that she's moving out of his motel room today. Wes assures Brody that the kid he shot was armed but Brody has visions of the dead boy with and without one.

Nora can't convince Marty to help Cole and after their argument, Marty runs off with Wes again. Dr. Levin, Clint and Viki accompany Jessica to the vineyard where she experiences visions that Tess experienced until she becomes Tess again.

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One Life To Live
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