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Gigi is thrilled as Rex leaks that the Plain White T's, are performing at the club. Starr confides to Langston about her run-in with her father.

Admitting what he asked Starr, Todd convinces Blair to let him see Jake and Sam by reminding her that she encouraged him to live for the sake of his children.

When Tea starts asking Schuyler questions about his mother, Antonio interrupts and warns that he only has to answer to him.

After Tea leaves, Antonio suggests that Dr. Joplin might have been blackmailed into working with Todd.

Though he denies it, Antonio guesses he's not telling him everything.

Later, Schuyler considers the letter his mother sent him. Tea asks Todd if Dr. Joplin might have told her son anything about her involvement.

He doubts it. Matthew calls his father about going to see the band tonight but Bo angrily reminds him that he's grounded.

Cole questions the teen about where he got the joint. Though he won't tell, Matthew does admit he bought the joint to convince the kids at school that he's cool.

Hearing he's grounded, Becca urges Matthew to disobey his parents and meet her at the Ultraviolet. Meanwhile, Bo presses Principal Dickinson to tell him what she's going to do about the drug problem in school.

At the club Starr is upset when she realizes that Cole is high again. Having gotten a ride from Cole, Matthew opts to hang out with Becca in the parking lot with her buddies who are drinking.

Bo catches Matthew and takes him back home.

Thanks to advice from Renee, Lee offers to tell Nora how Todd was going to take Starr's baby. Vanessa panics to find the letter from Ray to Lola. Lola calls Tea and asks to meet her about her father.

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