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Todd blasts Lee for trying to trap him. As she boasts that she's working for the police, Antonio and Talia burst in, guns drawn.

Cuffing him, Antonio announces that he's being charged with attempted rape.

Assuring her that she is bound to keep everything she tells her confidential, Tea convinces Lola to tell her about the night her mother was killed.

She explains that she woke and saw her father on his knees by her mother's body. She reports that he claimed an intruder did this but she found the knife years later, hidden by her father.

They're interrupted by a call for help from Todd.

Learning what happened, Tea warns Antonio that he can't arrest her client because he has broken no law.

Later, Todd assures his attorney that there is no other person who can incriminate him.

As Noelle rushes over to warn him about Delphina's warning, Mel boasts that they're rich, thanks to Dorian's generosity.

After Langston makes Markko jealous by drooling over her teacher, Vice Principal Dickinson interrupts Schuyler's class to lecture them about the school's no drug policy.

After class Starr confides to her teacher that she doesn't know how to stop a friend from using drugs.

He warns she can only urge him to get help. Matthew shows off the pills he stole from Cole to prove to Becca and her obnoxious friend Garth that he's "cool."

Cole confronts Matthew about the stealing his stash but the kid responds that he can't lecture him about the dangers of drugs if he's taking them himself.

Cole assures him he'll get rid of the pills but ends up taking another one in front of Starr and Langston. Schuyler starts reading the letter from his mother and learns she entered into an agreement with Todd.

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