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When Marty asks him to end her pain, Todd willingly falls off the roof of the Palace. Returning to the hotel, Marty surprises John and describes how she welcomed in the New Year.

Hearing about Todd jumping off the ledge, John rushes down to the water. At St. Blazes, Alex explains to Dorian that David is Asa's long-lost son but admits that she never told him.

She describes how she maneuvered him into marrying her but then discovered that Asa left him nothing in his will.

After hearing Alex took Nigel's inheritance to keep quiet about David, Dorian overhears Beaver Calhoun snooping around the island for David and offers to buy him a drink.

Shocked to find David is now David Vickeroshi, a suspicious Clint asks what this "change" is all about.

Admitting he sought him out, David tells Clint he's here to apologize for his misdeeds and seek Clint's apology. Clint and Nora are amazed and relieved to hear he's planning to return to Tibet but he warns that he's not yet ready to leave until he has apologized to everyone he harmed.

Tea hears a splash but before she can investigate, Blair confronts her about defending Todd. As they argue, they spot John jump into the frigid waters to rescue Todd.

John pulls his body out and Blair gets him breathing by performing CPR. Marty is outraged that John saved his life.

Later, Marty ends up in Angel Square where she takes a ride on a motorcycle from a stranger.

Natalie's thrilled to hear Clint offered Jared his job back but when he wonders if he's getting the offer only because he's marrying Natalie, she assures him Clint cares about his bottom line.

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