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After another night of him sleeping on the day bed, Vanessa invites Cristian to sleep upstairs with her. Immigration Agent Troy arrives at Sarah's apartment.

She reports that Vanessa's marriage is one of "convenience" but then tries to convince him that Cristian was seduced into marrying Vanessa.

Troy confronts the newlyweds and claims he knows their marriage is a sham. Hearing what she's done to keep Cristina for herself, Layla compares Sarah to Tina.

A frustrated Ray calls Tea and pushes her to get him out of prison. He repeats his assertion that he did not kill his wife.

Later, she questions an unsuspecting Lola who insists she saw him do it.

Warning that he's his only help, Dr. Levin asks Wes to talk with Brody about accidentally killing the boy.

Telling his friend that he's staying in town, Wes admits the doctor wants him to relive the experience of the shooting.

Viki stops by St. Ann's and shows photos of the baby to Jessica.

When she talks about Bess protecting her, Viki warns her about how dangerous the "gatekeepers" can be and hints that there is a secret she needs to uncover.

Bess suddenly emerges and warns Viki to back off. She also adds that neither she nor Jessica have forgiven Viki for what happened when she was a child.

Giving her and Jared an update on Jessica, Clint explains why Viki is going to be the person who keeps in contact with her.

Continuing his mission of apologizing, David confesses to Carlotta that he was the person responsible for burning her diner to the ground.

He then turns to Bo and asks him to arrest him, explaining how the burning of Clint's check started the fire. Carlotta explains that it was actually the faulty wiring that burned her place.

Nora asks Clint for permission to question Jessica about Todd. Telling him about Asa's Will and David, Clint hires Jared to help him.

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