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Rex decides he is going to tell Stacy that he is done with Gigi. Shaun spots his brother wining and dining an attractive woman instead of working on Matthew's case.

He blasts Greg for lying to Destiny. Boasting that she wants no part of this, Dr. Wright walks out.

As Layla and Cristian argue in front of an amused and amazed Blair, Kyle finds Fish outside Capricorn and boasts that the charges against him have been dropped.

Fish reveals that he's on a date with his cute roommate Layla. Inside, Blair warns Cristian that she thinks he's in love with Layla.

Fish confides to Layla that his father is ultra conservative and wouldn't have approved of him working with Talia.

Kyle eyes Fish as he kisses Layla while Cristian stares at Layla.

Finding her raging to herself about him, Todd turns on the charm, telling Tea that he misses her and can't live without her.

He promises that she will never lose her license to practice law.

Later, the two share a passionate kiss. Brody comforts Jessica at Chloe's grave and takes her to bed.

Pointing out they never had a wedding night, Jared convinces Natalie to hop into bed. Back at home, Stacy comes on to Rex who claims to have a headache.

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One Life To Live
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