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Blair finds the kitchen filled with kids eating pancakes made by Todd. The family moment is ruined when Tea arrives. She seeks Todd's signature for approval of her rehab efforts.

Blasting her for flaunting her relationship in front of her and her kids, Blair warns Tea not to come here again.

Blair then brings the handsome lifeguard Chad Driscoll to the pool and enjoys watching Todd as Chad gets Jack to float for the first time.

Updating her "friend" about Todd, Blair invites Chad to come back inside with her. Calling her to his office to meet with him and Cole, John advises Rachel that her "client" is going undercover and getting back on drugs.

She worries about how dangerous it will be to try to fool Asher and his supplier but Cole claims there are too many drugs at the high school not to act.

Gigi advises Brody and Jessica that Shane is going to get ill again as part of their plan to trap her sister.

Gigi then stops by to thank Schuyler and spots his bruised chin.

He lies about how he was hurt and then is bothered when she reveals that Rex denied that he slept with her sister.

Stacy is suspicious when she enters Gigi's place and finds the ill Shane horsing around with Rex.

Taking the boy's temperature, Stacy points out Shane seems to have gotten over his illness quickly.

But when Shane suddenly feels worse, she insists on taking the boy to the E.R. Jessica is proud when Brody receives an acceptance letter to the police academy.

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