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Marcy tells John that Blair thinks they need to slow down. John reveals that Blair agreed to end their marriage. The two decide to act on their feelings.

Marcy admits she can't do this right now because of Todd. She explains that she remembers everything about her time with Todd and wants to erase it.

However, it's going to take time.

John assures her he can wait.

After arguing about her new friendship with Chad, Blair realizes that Todd's been using Tea to make her jealous.

Though he doesn't respond to her accusation, she removes her swim suit and dares him to ignore her now. Unable to control himself, Todd jumps and starts kissing her passionately.

As they do so, Tea returns home and calls out for him.

Before Stacy can take Shane to the ER, Gigi arrives with Michael who she recently had flown in from Seattle, and insists that he be the doctor to examine her son.

Michael later tells the group that Shane's leukemia is back. Admitting she's been going to therapy, Jessica tries to reassure Cole and Starr that she will never be a threat to their baby.

Cole's impressed and points out that he too must make amends for what he has done. Later, Starr invites Jessica to hold her baby but she admits she can't hold the infant.

At the station house, Layla explains to Kyle that she doesn't want her career in law enforcement affected by them dating so she asks if they can hide their relationship.

Cristian later spots them kissing.

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