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Layla rages at Fish after he told people she is his girlfriend. She removes her top, he fails to react, and Layla asks Fish if he's gay.

Unaware Stacy is taking a crowbar to her car, Rex assures Gigi that Stacy is no longer an issue.

Heading to her car to get to work, Gigi is shocked to find her windshield smashed and "bitch" written in lipstick across her car's hood.

Stacy startles her sister as she emerges from behind a pillar and tells Gigi that she saw Rex first. Gigi points out she's acting like she's six years old and orders her to get out of town.

Stacy grabs her and warns that "the fun has only begun." She then insists that she and Rex did have sex in spite of Rex's disavowal.

Gigi responds by punching her in the jaw. Later, as they struggle at the top of the stairs, Stacy loses her balance and falls.

Rex blasts Roxy for conspiring with Stacy to blackmail Gigi.

Roxy tries to cover but he insists he knows all that she did and asks why she has been lying to him. Roxy admits that she found a donor and didn't expect that Stacy would try to blackmail her sister.

When she admits that the donor is dead, Rex realizes that his son was saved by his father.

After Starr shows her baby as proof of what happens when you have sex one time, Langston complains about how long it's been since she and Markko have had sex.

Brody catches Cristian outside Kyle's door, eyeing a note slipped under Kyle's door. Cristian admits his concern about Fish after a warning from Kyle and invites Brody to search through Fish' file at the station house.

Broody claims he can't do that. Later, Cristian removes the note addressed to Kyle and reads Fish demanding Kyle leave him alone.

Before leaving to begin his "community service," Cole assures Starr it won't be more than a couple of weeks.

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