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Asked if he is gay, Fish tells Layla that he likes women and then tries to kiss her. She pushes him back and asks again. He denies it.

He suggests she ask Stacy about his prowess with women.

Feeling bad, Layla apologizes for hurting him and points out she comes from the fashion world where it doesn't matter if you're straight or gay.

Kyle finds Cristian reading Fish's note and asks him to butt out, telling him that the letter doesn't mean anything.

Cristian presses him to tell him what happened between the two of them but Kyle will only say Fish was a coward and urges him to respect his privacy.

Insisting she didn't lie to him about killing his father, Roxy confesses to Rex that his father ended up in a coma with no chance of coming out of it.

Angry, Rex demands that she tell him the name of his father, the man who saved Shayne's life. Before she can, Gigi comes shouting for help after her sister fell down the stairs.

As the doctors try to save Stacy's life, Gigi tells Rex all that happened in the garage and stairwell. Later, Gigi urges her sister to get some professional help.

Telling her she got the blood, Stacy announces that "we're done." Stacy is shocked to hear that she's pregnant.

Ernesto enters Llanfair and finds his son kissing Langston.

Chastising him for living with a godless girl in a mansion, Markko's dad hands his son a box with all of his things and announces that he can never come home.

Markko insists he wants to live at home but adds that he must be able to see Langston. Ernesto says goodbye, telling Markko that he is no longer his son.

Grabbing one of Langston's condoms, Starr and Cole spend one last night together before he goes undercover.

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