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Tea advises Matthew that their hearing is the day after tomorrow. He boasts that he may be able to settle this out of court.

Bo and Nora point out they haven't changed their minds.

However, their son warns that he'll tell Clint and the others that he saw them kissing in the parking lot last night if they don't.

Moving him into an apartment for the undercover drug investigation, John advises Cole about the use of his phone around Pablo Escobar.

Cole assures him and Marty that Rachel is the first number in his phonebook. While he takes a call from Starr, Marty confides to John that she talked with Todd about their past.

He reveals that he met with Blair and they signed their divorce papers, ending their marriage. Cole calls Asher about a meeting.

Schuyler doesn't believe her when Stacy claims she is pregnant with Rex's baby. She shows him the medical report as proof.

Starr assures her mother that she will support her decision about Todd no matter what it is. As Todd secretly listens, Blair admits that she's had thoughts about her father.

But when she spots Todd spying, she insists she wants nothing to do with him. As Dorian lauds her decision, Tea arrives.

She asks him to take her on a date and only have eyes for her so Todd invites her to Viki's wedding.

Though he knows it was wrong to sleep once with Stacy, Rex tells Gigi that she should have trusted him enough to tell him her sister was blackmailing her. The two vow never to let anything come between them again.

Rex decides to investigate Stacy's pregnancy. She agrees to take another blood test and proves that she is pregnant.

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