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Schuyler opens up to Rachel about the situation with "the sisters." Destiny is thrilled by Greg's gift of a new cellphone and service, but Shaun claims they can't afford it.

After Destiny runs off to pick out a ring tone, the two brothers argue about how they're treating their sister.

Greg then asks Shaun if he has something going on with Matthew's sister but Shaun refuses to talk about his private life.

Later, Destiny gets Shaun to admit that he's not sure if Rachel likes him as much as she likes her.

He stares daggers at Schuyler when the two spot him arrive with Rachel.

Nora and Bo watch nervously as Matthew goes through another rehab session. After he falls, Matthew angrily asks what the point of this is since he'll never walk again.

Greg calls and reveals he has the test results back.

Rex advises Gigi that he wasn't able to find Stacy's hiding pace for the blood packet. He suggests they pretend that Shane's leukemia is coming back to force Stacy to fetch the blood.

Before the Justice of the Peace pronounces Cole and Starr husband and wife, John interrupts with the news that he convinced the judge to change his mind so Cole isn't going to prison.

As Marty hugs her son with glee, she smiles broadly at John.

Disgusted by the news, Todd starts to lash out at Blair but Cole orders him to stop. Cole takes Starr out to the terrace and asks her to focus on her and him and what they want.

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