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Cole's upset when Starr tells him it's best they not get married today. Todd lets out a yell as he hears this.

Tea warns him not to celebrate.

Cole comes around and agrees with Starr about how great it will be sleeping with her night after night.

Shaun's not happy when Destiny invites Rachel and Schuyler to join them at their table. After Rachel explains that she and Schuyler work together, Destiny asks the former teacher if he's dating Rachel.

Spilling tea on Schuyler, Destiny pulls him away so that Greg and Rachel can chat. She thanks him for the flowers and admits they were her first clue of his interest in her.

When he asks why she's been so distant, Rachel confesses that she's a recovering addict and finds that most men run screaming into the night when they learn about her past.

He assures her he doesn't scream and doesn't run, adding that "he strolls."

While Matthew is excited when Greg claims the surgery he will perform will likely allow him to walk and run again, Bo and Nora ask the surgeon what risks are involved in the procedure.

After hearing them, Nora doesn't want to move forward and ends up arguing with Matthew who insists this is his decision to make.

Shaun's upset when Greg interrupts his time with Rachel and lets her know about his hopes for Matthew.

Bo advises Matthew that he agrees with Nora. Gigi takes Rex to bed to officially prove that they are back together.

Schuyler calls later and asks why he hasn't told Gigi he slept with Stacy yet. In his office, John stuns Marty and Cole with the news about the teen going undercover to break up the drug ring.

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