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Jack refers to Tea as the "naked lady." Todd corrects him.

Once the boy leaves, Tea warns Todd that Blair is most certainly going to return to court to try to regain custody of the children.

He insists on fighting her but Tea explains that she doesn't want to take a chance of being disbarred because it will come out that she was sleeping with him during their last custody fight.

When Jack asks where he should put her suitcase, Tea tells him the guest room. Touched by her request for him to be with her, John tells Blair that because Marty has her memory back, he wants to return to the relationship but assures her he'll remain her husband until she gets her children back.

However, he adds that the marriage will be in name only. Later, Blair is hurt when she sees Todd with Tea and the kids.

Marty won't hear it when Cole explains he's skipping the graduation ceremony because he'll be receiving an empty diploma holder.

She asks him to make her proud by showing everyone he deserves to be there. Marty is thrilled when John decides that he wants to resume their relationship and see if it can work.

Finding him with his mother again, Shane continues to give Schuyler a hard time. He later overhears Gigi mention that she never slept with Brody and calls his father.

Rex is appreciative after their water fight when Stacy is very comfortable wearing very little in front of him.

Advising Dorian that he's moving a very troubled Lola to a facility far away from Llanview, Ray devastates Dorian when he adds that he won't be back.

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