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Dorian welcomes Blair and Starr back. After Starr and Langston go upstairs, Dorian rages at Blair.

Bess looks outside Phil and Cindy's house at the police waiting and spots Bo, Clint and Viki among them.

As Bo demands that they open the door, Bess asks her benefactors to help her find a way out but Phil decides they want to talk with the police.

With Brody chasing her, Bess runs upstairs and locks herself in the bedroom with the baby where Tess angrily confronts the gatekeeper.

Phil and Cindy invite them inside where Viki comes up with a plan to deal with Bess. She poses as Jean Randolph, Viki's gatekeeper and convinces Bess she can help her.

Jared and Natalie explain to Nash's parents the truth about the situation with Jessica and her alters. They're cheered to hear that they do have a grandchild when Natalie tells them about Bree.

Jared assures them both that Jessica and Nash were in love.

In front of Cole, Rachel advises a worried Markko that he's not going to get in trouble for helping Cole fake his drug test.

Back in the kitchen, Cole confides to Markko that he now thinks that he wants to keep the baby but wouldn't think of asking Starr to tell Marcie and Michael that she's changed her mind.

He assures his friend that he'll be with Starr no matter what she decides. Starr is thrilled when Cole returns to her.

At the same time Starr opens up to Langston about her feelings for her baby. Rachel questions Nora on why she agreed to marry Clint.

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